Post-Point, and/or, The Sequential Tangential Potential

25th April 2015 -
10th May 2015

Beth Kettel

Opening performance:
Friday 24th April, 6 – 7pm
Wasps Artists’ Studios, 77 Hanson Street

Friday 24th April, 7 – 9pm
The Telfer Gallery, 3rd floor, 84 Miller Street

Saturday 25th April – Sunday 10th May
Thurs – Sun, 12 – 5pm (or by appointment)

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Post-Point, and/or, The Sequential Tangential Potential opens with a performance at Wasps Artists’ Studios on Hanson Street as a one-off event, followed by an exhibition preview at The Telfer Gallery.

A basketball point guard (position) guards her point (crux) whilst the players (objects) act as props and prompts for narrative route. Using a series of hypothetical moves and plotting (↥.↜.↷.⇣) of players, the plot develops, diverts and unravels. Strategies of meaning making, interpretation, obscurity and attention are all put into play.

Using autobiographical responses, the point guard plays through associations and difficulties with making sense in a world of information overload, predictive text and suggested viewing: stressing connections between dispersed elements and ideas.

Textual ideas expand into physical and live components, which utilise performance, object, installation, voice and moving image.

As well as the polysemy, obscurity and potential of objects and language, Manchester based artists Beth Kettel is interested in the infrastructure of showing artwork. Allowing access to the inside and outside structures of the work: publicising the layers and complexities.  She borrows formats and structural devices from elsewhere such as song writing, theatre, recipes and sport.

For the first exhibition of its 2015 programme, The Telfer Gallery is collaborating with Wasps Artists’ Studios for an opening night across two locations: a one-off performance by Kettel at Wasps’ Hanson Street Gallery after which her exhibition will open at The Telfer Gallery; 3rd Floor, 84 Miller Street.

Exhibition Preview sponsored by Tennents Black.