To be is to do, To do is to be, do be do be do

19th Sept 2015 -
4th Oct 2015

Charlie Godet Thomas

Friday 18 September 2015
Generously sponsored by Tennent’s Black

Saturday 19 September — Sunday 4 October
Thurs – Sun, 12—5pm (or by appointment)

Poets work with two materials, one’s black and one’s white. Call them sound and silence, life and death, hot and cold, love and loss: any can be the case but none of those yins and yangs tell the whole story. What you feel the whiteness is right now – consciously or some way beneath that plane – will determine what you do next. Call it this and that, whatever it is this time, just don’t make the mistake of thinking the white sheet is nothing. It’s nothing for your novelist, your journalist, your blogger. For those folk it’s a tabula rasa, a giving surface. For a poet it’s half of everything (1).
(1) Glyn Maxwell, On Poetry (London, Oberon Books 2012), p.11

Inspired by the un-inked page, the blank screen, the untouched canvas, the white ‘readiness’ of the seemingly un-pixellated infinity of a page without text, To be is to do, ‘To be is to do, To do is to be, do be do be do’ creates a dialogue that will explore the way in which strategies for writing are used to create new visual forms. A selection of new works by Charlie Godet Thomas, which make myriad use of fiction and poetry, are a continuation of the artists preoccupation with the way in which written forms can be appropriated and used as strategies for making.

Taking on a topic that has long been a concern for writers and visual artists alike, this exhibition will remind us that if we resist the convention that art is a wholly separate discipline to writing and remind ourselves that much exists in-between, we can create all manner of forms from that ‘clean slate’.

The Telfer Gallery is delighted to present the work of Charlie Godet Thomas to a Scottish audience for the first time. Due to the delay in relocating to our new gallery space at MANY Studios in The Barras the exhibition will take place at our current gallery space located in the Merchant City.


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Charlie Godet Thomas (b.1985) lives and works in London, UK. Having obtained a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture) at Manchester School of Art in 2009, he graduated with an MA in Fine Art (Sculpture) from the Royal College of Art, London in 2014 where he was awarded the Bermuda Arts Council Scholarship and the Peter Leitner Scholarship.

Past exhibitions include:
A Method for Writing/A Method for Making (solo show), BALTIC Center for Contemporary Art, Newcastle, An Evanescent Fix (group show), Vitrine, London, In Comes the Good Air, Out Goes the Bad Air, In Comes the Good Air (solo show), Cactus, Liverpool and END (group show) also at Cactus, Liverpool. He is represented by Vitrine Gallery, London.


Extended programme:

‘To Be Or To Do, To Work And Not To Make?’
Saturday 26 September 2015
Kinning Park Complex
40 Cornwall Street
Glasgow G41 1AQ

Starting with the provocation that “one shouldn’t make a living from making work”, curators John Bloomfield (London) and Cicely Farrer (Dundee) present a public conversation and screening event to look at how the economic practicalities of making a living might feed into the form and content of art.