Small Decors

8th Nov 2014 -
23rd Nov 2014

Elizabeth Corkery

Elizabeth Corkery’s work investigates the potential convergence of spatial and representational experience. Using the garden – an evocative and heavily represented site – as her thematic foundation, she proposes a structure for simultaneously looking at the representational view of the garden whilst physical being in a staged, “garden” scene.

For her forthcoming exhibition Corkery turns this attention to winter gardens. Specifically addressing Glasgow’s famous Kibble Palace and drawing comparisons between its modularity, pre-fabricated structure and capacity for miniaturisation to the tradition of the toy theatre – a folly that was enjoying a concurrent rise in popularity during the Victorian era. Winter gardens allow for a kind of global miniaturisation, creating an artificial proximity between plants that would otherwise exist in far-flung corners of the world. In addition these are fascinating structures in terms of their connection to exhibition, theatrical display and role as precursors to contemporary environments such as shopping malls and even museums, both perhaps the most highly trafficked tourist destinations of our current time.

Curiously hinging between interior and exterior space and transcending climate and seasonality, winter gardens generate a sense of spatial fluidity akin to the moveable theatre set. For Small Decors, the gallery space is loosely treated as a stage, however the perspectival requirements of the proscenium are undermined, instead allowing for multiple, perhaps conflicting views of the constructed “decor”. Originally trained as a printmaker much of Corkery’s work connects conceptual concerns of repetition, reproduction and simulation with spatial investigations that initiate a slippage between the conventionally two-dimensional nature of print media and a more volumetric architectural space.

Small Decors draws inspiration from the spatial potentiality of toy theatre designs, where within the two-dimensional printed page lays great possibility of depth, perspective and temporal action.

Friday 7th November, 6-9pm

Saturday 8th November – Sunday 23rd November
Thursday – Sunday, 12-5pm

Related Events:
Saturday 8th November, 1.30-3.30pm
‘Impressions of an Icon’
A workshop with Elizabeth Corkery introducing techniques of lino-cutting and print-making

GoMA are teaming up with The Telfer Gallery to celebrate the opening of ‘Small Decors’. In collaboration with GoMA, Corkery will host a unqiue lino-cutting and print-making workshop which will explore the conceptual themes of her work and her practice as a print-maker. Participating printer-makers will respond to the iconic architecture of GoMA through exploration, sketching and producing hand-cut linoleum prints from their very own renderings.

FREE. Suitable for 16+ and any children must be supervised by an adult.
Please arrive at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) for 1.15pm.

Supported by MANY, Hope Scott Trust, Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) and Stolichnaya