Polyester Breeze

Byzantia Harlow


Preview: Saturday 10th June, 1-4pm
Open: 11th June – 2nd July
Saturday & Sunday, 12-4pm

Tiffany: Jake, I really wanna talk to you about what happened last night.

Jake: What, now?

Tiffany: Yes! Jake, I’m sorry, O.K. I… I’ve.. I’ve been trying to talk to you about it all day. I even tried to talk to you about it this morning. Listen, when I started this whole thing, I thought that we understood that it wasn’t, you know, you know, more than what we had decided.

Jake: I know I tried to make it work for a little while but then I just realised, just how special you are. I feel like… I don’t know… I feel different when I’m with you and every time I try to think about why that is… I … We’ve got to keep moving…

Tiffany: Jake! Wait… wait. What were you going to say?

Jake: I think I was gonna say… I let things get outta hand and I fell in love with you, and I know that that’s stupid, and I know that that’s not really what you want.

Tiffany: (sigh) I haven’t slept with anyone else, O.K Jake. I don’t know why I wanted you to think that, I think I just enjoyed… you being jealous. I really do care about you O.K. and I think that I may be falling in love with you. I don’t wanna be with anyone else. I wouldn’t mind making it official.

Jake: Really?

Tiffany: Yes.

Jake: You really feel like that? No Lie?

Tiffany: I really feel like that

(Tiffany and Jake kiss)

Tiffany: Wait… where’s Dana?

Dana: Over here

Jake: Wait… where’d you come from?

Dana: Here

Tiffany: I didn’t see you there?

Dana: (smirking) Hmhm

Jake: Oh shit. (gets machete out and cuts the air as alien disappears and reappears) Mrgh! Mrgh! Urgh! COME ON MOTHERFUCKER!!! Urgh, urgh. COME ONNNNN!!! COME ON! Argh!

(cuts off Tiffany’s head by accident)


(alien rips off his arm)


Polyester Breeze, Byzantia Harlow’s first solo show and first time exhibiting in Glasgow, takes inspiration from DVD only ‘mockbuster’ Aliens versus Avatars, found on a market stall for one pound. Nominated on Youtube for ‘Best fight scene ever’ public reactions included:

“Ok, seriously, is this a school project? The Amazing Bulk was more impressive than this…”

“I thought this was fake but it’s actually a real full length movie production”

‘This is a Z-movie Not a C’

‘These actors make pornstars look good’

Polyester Breeze, a multi media installation of sculptures and printed material will include cast and modeled replicas of street rubbish resembling molten, oozing outer-space junk. Alongside these elements, a ‘knock off’ film made by Harlow will be presented on multiple TV screens. The film work stars traders from London’s Bethnal Green Road Market alongside the artist and members of the public and features soundtrack and dialogue ripped from Aliens versus Avatars. A small number of limited editions of the artists’ film will be available to purchase for one pound at the Barras Market. These satellite editions will be circulated by traders at the Barras Market labeled as Alien versus Avatars DVDs – a ‘knock off’ of a ‘knock off’ blending seamlessly into the daily market action.

Polyester Breeze continues Harlow’s long-term interest in deconstructing and reconfiguring the infrastructures of street markets, exploring the thin edge between the desired and the discarded. Harlow’s work focuses on aspects of the ‘veneer’, analysis of social situations and subversion of expected interactions. Pivoting on points of value and authenticity Polyester Breeze investigates blurred lines of commodity, branding, the unique object, the mass produced and cultural identity

Byzantia Harlow, b. 1986, London.

Harlow completed an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art in 2015.

There are three strands to her work; material & sculptural concerns, performative and collaborative elements (usually occurring in or gleaned from public spaces) and written components. Participation with local audience is key to the work as Harlow has an interest in artworks as a prompt for social interaction, artworks that form relationships rather than solely operating as objects.

She recently completed a residency with solo presentation, Grey Market, at Chisenhale Art Place, London receiving Arts Council England funding for the project through Grants For The Arts. In April 2016 she completed a Residency with solo presentation, Spirit Line, at The Luminary, St. Louis, receiving Arts Council England funding through the Artists International Development Fund. Past group exhibitions include: Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Bluecoat, Liverpool Biennale and the ICA London; There will be nothing left to suck, curated by the Dow Collective at Bank Space Gallery, London; ON & OFF, Proyectos Medellin Gallery, Mexico City; Not Every Thread Ties Down, Your Split Ends Are Showing, curated by Leo Cohen & Lucy Rollins at DKUK, London; Which One Of These Is The Non­Smoking Lifeboat, Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre, London and That I Am Now, And So It Is, Chalton Gallery, London.

Harlow has organised and curated collaborative projects Rushgrove House Project and Franchise. She has been nominated for several prizes & commissions including: Fig­2 at the ICA: Open Call for Students (shortlisted), Deptford X 2016 (nominated by Fatos Ustek), The Red Mansion Art Prize (nominee), Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise commission (finalist). Harlow has given presentations on her work at Tate Britain, London, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth and The Luminary, St Louis.

Harlow was awarded Arts Council England funding in 2017 through the Grants For The Arts for a period of research and development which included a residency to Rupert, Lithuania and will culminate in a solo exhibition, No one will drink the water of your well if you yourself do not drink it, at Chalton Gallery, London in September 2017.