Apart Together

Hamish Chapman, Joanne Dawson, Hannah Reynolds
11th June 2016 -
10th July 2016

Friday 10 June, 6–9pm

Saturday 11 June – Sunday 10 July
Open Thu/Fri 13.00–17.00, Sat/Sun 11.00–17.00


We are excited to announce our exhibition ‘Apart Together’, a collaborative exhibition by Hamish Chapman, Joanne Dawson and Hannah Reynolds. This show follows on a year from the group’s graduation from The Glasgow School of Art in 2015.

‘Apart Together’ plays host to new works made by the group collaboratively, there is no single authorship. They have drawn upon typical attributes of film, Glasgow’s cinematic representation and archetypal picture-house interiors, to create an installation embedded in the city’s history. It references Glasgow’s history as a ‘cinema city’ and the notion of cinema as a destination in its own right. Third Places, Oldenburg argues, are essential for living a healthy life. These spaces create balance between the generally isolated home life (first) and the workplace (second). They are a neutral public space for a community to connect and establish bonds. Domestic furnishings one would associate with the home (the first place) curtains and carpets for example, are exaggerated and lavishly embellished in the picture-house interior. This familiarity brings about a sense of comfort. The surroundings put an audience at ease, in pursuit of collective escapism.

Whilst the need for a means of escape was a far greater in the Glasgow of the 1930s and 40s, the city’s insatiable appetite for cinema still exists today. It could, of course, be said that the term ‘third place’ is more likely to be associated with a ‘virtual’ space in today’s society and so this installation documents that shift in attitude to film-viewing.

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